Carr Media: Our Vision and Mission

Hi, I’m Dan Carr.

I started my company, Carr Media, to help businesses build marketing machines that scale.

Our agency specializes in conversion rate optimization.

Carr Media is focused on 3 things:

  1. Get your business more LEADS
  2. Get your business more SALES
  3. Equip your business with the right tools to GROW

Being experienced with high traffic advertisers and publishers as well as years of hands on experience in developing and implementing custom tracking and analytics systems, I can certainly help you utilize the latest and most appropriate web and mobile technology for your business. The company’s software development services are based on years of hands on experience in the trenches optimizing sales and conversion funnels.

Our agency will help empower your business to scale up through managing development teams as well as implementing and integrating tracked activity systems.


Our vision is to continue being a company that is known to improvise and adapts to fast-moving market trends while consistently delivering impeccable service and valued results with radical transparency amongst our clients.


Our Mission is to help businesses scale up their marketing activities to generate more leads and sales.

Do you need help in scaling up your business? Email me at

Looking forward to helping your business grow!


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